Cokee, a physicist and nuclear engineer, combines his attraction for shapes, light, and perfection with his mathematical understanding of the ratios that create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing images ever present in natural landscapes. With his “eagle eyes” he invites you to share with him this exploration of the wonders of nature and partake in his passion through the images selected and presented on this website and his Facebook page “PhotoArt by Cokee”

Born in Chile, Cokee always had a fascination for nature while growing up in the countryside. Surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes, breathtaking sunrises and subset, he felt a need for an expression of this through his perspective. He found his calling once he bought his first camera, and began to teach himself the ways of photography. In 1993, after traveling through Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, he came to USA to further his education. Upon arriving in the U.S., new opportunities arose to see scenery and he continued developing his artistic career. Of the many places now accessible, he has been fortunate enough to visit Hawaii, many Canyons, Waterfalls, and Lakes, along with various National Parks. He has also traveled to Europe and the Middle East, which has added to his panoramic collection.

Cokee has lived in Las Vegas since 1998. His art work has been exhibited at galleries in Las Vegas, New Mexico; Florence and Venice, Italy; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Malmo, Sweden; Louvre, France; Dubai, United Arab Emirate, and has also received great acclaim in various photographic competitions. Cokee brings nature’s beauty to you with his photography.

Cokee can be reached by e-mail at Cokee@photoartbycokee.com.